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  • 07/10/2016
    A seasonal flavor of The French Ardennes

    Autumn is the time of the year When the French Ardennes Particular takes stock of local its larder. The French Ardennes Tourist Board marriages has icts brand Promoting local produce through a collective label `which will celebrate icts 30 th anniversary in 2017.

  • 02/08/2016
    The Call of the Wild in the French Ardennes

    ... from new woodland huts, to have a chance to hear the deer's bellow. Less than two hours from Paris, The French Ardennes remains one of the ballast-Explored, greenest and - in places - wildest areas of France.

  • 26/01/2016
    New ways to enjoy The Great Outdoors in The French Ardennes

    From The Ardennes forest to the Green Path, The French Ardennes is renowned as one of the best "outdoor playgrounds" in France.

  • 26/01/2016
    What’s New for The French Ardennes in 2016…

    From the anniversary of an enigmatic French poet to a new megalithic monument.

  • 11/10/2015
    New Nordic Wellness Village in The French Ardennes

    A new Wellness Village - Kotas Nordic Spirit - has opened in an unspoilt valley within The French Ardennes, close to the village of Ferme de Flamanville. Featuring four comfortable and well-appointed log cabins of Nordic origin, the village is located next to a small lake and will now host wellness breaks for anyone visiting this secluded part of northern France.

  • 03/06/2015
    French Ardennes remembers Rimbaud

    Next year - 2016 - will mark the 125th anniversary of the death of one of the world’s most influential poets, Arthur Rimbaud. The grand opening of the Rimbaud Museum takes place in June 27th, following a major refurbishment to pay tribute to one of France’s most famous and charismatic artists

  • 03/06/2015
    A chance to ‘Be A Brewer For The Day’ in The French Ardennes

    It might like to describe itself as “Cest l'authentique” ("The real thing"), but when it comes to a drink which truly epitomises the French Ardennes, then it's beer (rather than Coke, or wine) which makes this “Probably… the best destination in France”.

  • 07/04/2015
    Europe’s largest fortress hosts May Medieval Festival

    Now in its 20th year, the annual Sedan Medieval Festival is one of the French Ardenne's premier events in a packed calendar for 2015, and will be marked by two days of music, historical camps, military re-enactments, demonstrations, and a host of special activities for kids.

  • 19/03/2015
    France prepares for huge festival of petits comédiens

    Tourist Board launches World Puppet Festival package, from £95. Having been listed amongst the world’s ‘Top 20 Events to Travel for in 2015’, The 18th World Puppet Festival will be held in Charleville-Mézières in France this year from September 18th to 27th.

  • 19/02/2015
    French Ardennes honours Rimbaud, and hosts puppets

    The French Ardennes is surely the destination of choice for anyone who lives to travel, likes France and loves poetry. Next year - 2016 - will mark the 125th anniversary of the death of one of the world’s most influential poets, Arthur Rimbaud. But The Rimbaud Museum itself will be re-opening its doors to the public from the summer of 2015, following a major refurbishment...

  • 20/10/2014
    The French Ardennes - What’s New for 2015

    The dates for one of Northern Europe's most colourful festivals of 2015 have been announced - making The French Ardennes one of the ‘must see’ destinations in France, next September. Other, major developments for The French Ardennes in 2015 include the re-opening during the summer of The Rimbaud Museum in Charleville...

  • 18/08/2014
    French Ardennes remembers last Frenchman to fall in WWI

    The French Ardennes will once again be marking one of the First World War most historic moment this Armistice Day - Tuesday, November 11th. That’s the date when Private First Class Augustin Joseph Trébuchon became the last French soldier to be killed in action...

  • 01/08/2014

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